Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stress and Exercise

One of the most overlooked methods of stress management is exercise.  Most people when thinking of stress management automatically think of calming methods or herbal relaxation.  Hard, short and intense exercise can however be a very good stress reliever.  If you are a runner a short 5 km run with 4 by 1 minute intense efforts at 90% efforts can help you relive your level of stress, but leave you feeling not too physically tired and still looking forward to doing the same again the next day.

 Chronic stress however is an altogether different as it is known to accelerate the aging process and can contribute to a variety of different physical problems, which result in continuous muscular aches and pains, naturally dissuading one from physical exercise much to your long term determent.

 Do you know that long-term stress can cause you to age at a faster rate?

 Releasing stress build up through exercise is not only healthy, but can increase how long you live.

A simple intense workout that leaves you feeling a little tired provides plenty of endorphins; a natural drug and pain killer and consequently helps with those continuous niggling plans that are associated with long term stress. And a little sweat does the body and your complexion a lot of good as well.

 The same results can be obtained from kick boxing and medium to intense aerobics. Nevertheless, some of you might need or prefer a more gentle form of exercise such as Tai Chi or joint mobility movements. Many of those who don't regularly exercise use "comfort" foods to deal with stress and that's not the healthiest way to go.

 So don't forget one of the easiest means of managing stress, especially those who are suffering from the effects of chronic stress is to get moving!

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